Kudos - Simple Self-Hostable Like button


1. Download the JS and CSS files

2. Embed them in your website

<script src="kudosplease.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="kudosplease.css">

3. Create the kudos button at the position you like and replace the data-url with the URL of your page.

<div class="kudos" data-amount="0" data-url="https://www.example.com/my-awesome-article"></div>

4. Create the Javascript object

new KudosPlease({
    el : '.kudos',
    duration : 1500,
    persistent : true,
    status : {
    alpha: 'fontelico-emo-shoot',
    beta: 'fontelico-emo-shoot',
    gamma: 'fontelico-emo-beer'

5. If you want to self-host the backend, check out the instructions in the README on Github

Terms of Use

This is a hobby project and is provided free of charge without any guarantees. Please refrain from any sort of automated liking.